Sunday, August 3, 2014

was my strongest year financially between 1995 and 2005 according to the Social Security Statement.

Climatemakers ltd.
Now I have transportation.. 
I started working temp services but soon I got regular jobs.

I started off doing heating and cooling: commercial work. I worked at about 3 different commercial businesses. Finally, I did residential heating and cooling. The name of the residential business was Climatemakers ltd..
I'd say I did this line of work for 4 to 6 months.
It was ok, but the residential work involved us going underneathe houses and one time I found a large tick on my back. There were snakes and other critters under there as well. 
Not for me! 
Great company though check them out.

 Atlantic Coastal Construction
I got my license and a car now. I'm eager to work and the look was in my eye. I'm in the pappers, doing walk-ins, hitting industrial parks until I got a job at Atlantic Coastal Construction.
I really liked working for ACC. I got to work with some interesting people during an interesting time' the Iraq war '. 
The war in Iraq began on March 20th 2003 [ and ended on my birth day May 1, 2003 ] an during those times I remember telling people I worked with we shouldn't fight the war or we shouldn't go into Iraq. I understood the situation with Afghanistan but going into Iraq was really pushing it.
The company was in Chesapeake on the  border line of North Carolina and the people were conservative in veiw but they were very cool [tolerative] - civil in disposition. They were a lot more understanding than most of the people that I interacted  with in prior time periods. 
I've had people that I've related with, black and white,  go up to Cs and Ds and purposely say the type of stuff to them that hampered connections or severely changed  the dynamics in the relationship for mere pleasure, and they were what I would've seen as socially liberal - good, but if they could they would be relating with the the type of people that were more conservative but since they didn't owned the qualities or talents accepted by them they settle for back pats. They'd throw you to the wolves for acceptance. They don't have a choice being around you. These people believed that we should have went like 70% of of Americans. 
It was there that I learned to a higher degree it's more than black and white, right and wrong, republican and democrat, rich and poor when I build my inner circle. I remember one of the  workers said if you are right I will vote for the democrats next election.

The owner of the company was very cool. Word was he came up from nothing. He had cook-outs at his house and he warred with the troops [worked beside them]. His son who worked with us, was did music Hip-Hop/Rock and was an artist too. 
worked with a mild-manner country boy. The coolest dude out there. He was unique and very intelligent
He liked to read and he was trying to get me into a book that he liked. And later the book came out as a movie. The name was like ' Space travel or journey something ' I think he was a libertarian but he could've been a cool conservative. We talked about alot of stuff from music to ninjis.. 

I was like his right hand and he would leave me with construction equipment in a field to play with.. 

Do you get it? 
If I would have stayed there I would have learned to work  heavy machinery like bulldoziers, cranes.. and they get paid.

But no! 
The other car went down so I had to buy another hooptie.. And maybe that was the problem. 
I was buying hoopties instead of  newer model vehicles. I was thinkin: [a] they are easier to fix [b]  I didn't have good relations at the homestead. She get mad at you, kick you out, then you'd be left with 2 big payments then I'm suppose save money for projects. 

chose the thrifty route.

I had no choice but the hooptie route. Now I did take a step up because I went to a hooptie car lot. the problem was the vehicle I selected didn't have the papper works to it. They bought it at an auction and whomever auctioned the vehicle didn't have the papperwork.. So the ordeal I went through with the car lot produced issues with the job, because the hours I worked were the same as the car lot which was open 6 days a week.
finally the car lot gave me another vehicle, a white 4 cylinder Gram Am that had a blown engine ultimately causing me to loose the job. 
that is business I stuck out like a sore thumb. They tried their very best to get along with me. God wrote all of this. They contributed greatly to my best financial year 
between 95' and 05'..  

even went to the auction where the people at the car lot bought my car to get the registration..

was warring with these hoopties, driving an automatic like a stick. One foot on the gas while the other was on the brakes at redlights. No heat or AC, containers of Coolants everywhere.

Absolutely No play.. girls, hanging, clubs cloths, or anything. Maybe a few booty calls. But that was it, and that happened every blue moon. And I am very proud of myself.  If I bought close and got into a relationship it would have costed me effecting my odds of  succcess.

I went into SOLITUDE. I didn't want anyone around me.

2004 was another great year. Though not statistic wise, this year was superb. I elevated to a higher plane in
the game.

Jan-2002 - Credit One Bank: credit card 
* Formerly ' First National Bank of Marin '
Aug-2002 - Shell/Citibank: credit line
Oct-2002 - First Premier: credit card
* Purchased zoom beat machine on 5-12-2002
July-2003 - Capital One Bank: credit card
Mar-2003 - Hsbc Guitar Center: credit line
* Purchased Triton Le 5-21-03 [on Biggie's Birthday] & started stockpiling beats!
Sept-2004 - Exxon/Mobil card 
Oct-2004 - Capital One a credit card
Oct-2004 - Capital One b - credit card
Oct -2004 - Abnb - credit card/checkings&savings
Dec-2004 - Abnb - loan
* $2,000 Loan 
* 12-29-04 recorded ' Due time '[beat name]/' Money on the mind ' [song name]. in Woodhouse Studios. Costing me $75.00 an hour'

I desired a Loan, 
got a loan for credit reasons [points]. I wanted to fatten my credit score. I already was paying off my credit cards weekly, but I wanted to hit the credit game from a different  angle, like a 
' cash loan '. 
I already had an older 2 tone thunderbird but I decided to elevate my game experience and go to the same place where the people from the car lot went to buy and sell their vehicles. I invested the $2,000.00 [loan] immediately.
ended up with a black ' taurus looking ' ford. I could have paid cash on the spot but I wanted ' payments ' on record, so I paid it off in like 6 months. 

I recorded in the best studio. 
The end result wasn't the best, but it was worth every penny. I haqd to go to Woodhouse studios twice. The first time nothing happened but i stil had to pay.

2004 was a great year!

Part 1 and 2 of  98-04 Overveiw

Who Playing?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Genesis 1:1 "The Fall"

Space holds measurements; engulfs movements..

Points connect; rhythms collide with what was..

Big Bang, new beginnings, vibes


Matters spiral downward toward a new


Enter Phaze VI, authoring scripts, learning  burning

within concerns, conflict.

No time to be careless, memories blurry..

Intoxicants good wine, sweet soma..

Aroma key, I remember well, rebel
remember me, mutual.

I see, all seeing..and I always will believe,
in He.

Though out all eternity.

Written By Myth-Ra Raised aka Lord Ur-ros