Thursday, July 31, 2014

Started off at temp services but then soon I got hired on full time

* Protemp preffered because it paid the most - weekly pay

* Spherion Atlantic Enterprises [forgot the name on the sign]- Was ok paid daily sometimes/weekly others.. it was prefered over Labor Ready

* Labor Ready - paid the least but you were paid daily

* Westaff Inc. - was Plan D.2

Then came Larry Campbell

I got this job working at the temp service. He liked my work so he hired me.
It was me, Larry Campbell and his wife. 

* I cut Vinyl for car dealerships, small businesses, and individual business persons.

*I maintained the shop: unloaded truck and stocked material, did inventory, kept the shop clean inside and out amongst other things. 

I worked there from june 2001' until february 2002'. They were getting ready to give me the van that was used for delivery. It was a smaller van. I was about to get my license back. 
.   .   .

* 3 songs were recorded in 2001: ' Deep Lessons ' , ' Temptation[Notice My Roving Eye] ' & ' King Me '
These 3 pieces were downloaded from site, recorded and mixed at ' The Dirty Lab Entertainment Group ' 
uploaded into by Carl [a musician] for $20.00. 
In order to get the studio time, I distributed about 20 CDs & passed out about 50 fliers. 
Carl would have uploaded the CDs for free and told me it was easy to do, but i didn't have the type of computer that could upload CDs and I respected his time by paying him for it [time is money].

An argument in the household screwed that - the van. 
During that time, I would occasionally go to an associates [Terry] house and jam out, with live instruments: guitar, drums, bass and a microphone. One of the times I went I met his cousin [Ron] everybody was jammin and I got his #. So when I lost the job I developed another plan and that consisted of me putting together a music project. So I needed music.

So I called him for a beat. He was like " Come out this way "
I thought about it for a few days, and said


I had 2 credit cards: Bank of Marin and Cross Country Bank 
[cheap credit cards]

hit my brother up [Jerry] to let him know I was heading that way [ he knew and associated with Ronnie back in the day ].

Used the last bit of my credit card to pay for my bus ticket to Frederick, MD.  I put my name on the lease and it was on!

March 2002
We moved things into storage from the apartment [a bedroom set] and moved  stuff into the apartment: computer for studio purposes, Dj equipment, electric drum set, and we went to Guitar Center to get accessories..
We were straight within a day. The same day I put apps in and started work the next day at Burlington Coat Factory. I was offered access to a vehicle but I refused because I'm a  bonafide loner/trailblazer.

Burlington Coat Factory in Frederick, MD
where I stocked items on the floor.

was my 2nd 
strongest year financially

But soon I got a job at US Carpet Market Inc.
Where I worked until the last day I was in Frederick, MD.

I stocked the store in the front and back, cut carpet for companies that placed orders [independent contractors], kept the shop in order and ect. Never missed a day.

I basically paid my half of the rent on my own $500.00 rent and bought my own food and stuff.

I went there with my credit cards on zero 3-2002

By the time I was leaving my credit cards limits were increased on my credit cards and I got an additional card.

I got a bank account there and had about $1,500.00-2000.00 in savings and about $1,000 in checkings.

I went out to a club one time and had a great time with friends of my room mate whom stayed in the same building but I basically just worked to save money. I'd go out to the a restaurant every blue moon but I was just working.

Not long after the equipment came in it went back out along with the phone connection which was the reason why I put all of my intentions on working, paying bills, and credit. 

There was an ' Alexander/Anderson Family Reunion ' scheduled for this particular year. One of the event pappers, [yellow in color] had a map of the United States on it. It showed the states where Alexander/Andersons  were living. 
I was extremely interested in attending the event. When I went to MD, I told my brother about it and invited him, and automatically he told my mother which screwed up my whole plan, because now she wanted to go, and bring her husband. 
Back then [ and now ], I wanted total separtion from her. I wanted something new, something true. 
My brother [Jerry] also knew Ron. When he [Jerry] came we were talking and it automatically went to a bad place. the worst thing was when he said right in front of Ronnie, 
" Mom said you can come back " 
I was thinking 
"Strike 2 nigga " I was thinking " Nigga you could have whisphered that in my ear "
After that I didn't see him anymore. We spoke once or twice on the phone, but his demeanor was unattractive. Ronnie seemed to connect with him. 

They continued talking but I was out of the equation, out of their world. I wouldn't be surprise if Ronnie and I bumped into each other once a month. I came to Ronnie with a direction to build with his fam while I was building mines up equating 2 strong families.

One of the workers at US Carpet Market, infact the one that got me the job, seen me walking with applications [because I was trying to have 2 jobs at the time - one would've been Burlington Coat Factory but after I got hired at US Carpet I just left Burlington], knew one of the contractors, whom looked exactly like Jamie Fox, knowing I did music, he introduced us and dude said he was interested in me and whomever I was with, recording work for the choir at his church. So I went to Ronnie with that and a couple of artists were interested in doing something but he said it wasn't the time. I think it was, he was still in school learning how to use the stuff he had and I was moving too fast for him. I don't know.

The last time we rode in the car together was when we took stuff from storage which was the first day I moved there.

I was thinking the change came when my brother mentioned my mother saying I could move back.  I thought he felt it was time to put things back in storage because he probably felt uncomfortable, I don't know. Maybe he thought my brother Jerry was the one to link with or he probably didn't like that I wanted to do my own thing. 

We didn't do any music
We didn't connect artistically anyway.  We tried writing a song together one time and it went no where. We couldn't even watch a movie together with out somebody talking out of their neck or a disagreement.. 
We just was different. So I just focused on getting my credit right and told him when the lease was up, I was out. 

I didn't buy bedroom furniture - nothing because I was in ' soldier mode ' 

To be honest we didn't trust each other so I was ready to split at any giving time.. There was just a vibe in the air, or it could have been all of those 
" Twilight Zone "
 videos in the house.

Regardless I learned stuff from our connection.

You gotta train niggaz
* He had a black credit card and I wanted one.
*He was incorporated and I want to be incoporated.

He said, " Some people lie so hard that they believe their own lies " 
He's right!
He said, " When it comes to women, it's all about money "
He's right!

I brought guests in once which were Ron's friends/associates, to let them throw dices for a bit, bust some freestyles and stuff. They took me to the studio and literally treated a nigga like ' long lost family '. They brought females to me - in the club, tried setting me up with honeys- on the street.Iin the club, at the job, on the streets, to their female family members and I said 
"No I'm good "

They were like ' find a section-8 chick and stick with her. " They thought I was crazy - literally!
 feel like Hell naw.. I aint going to do that. She wind up pregnant then my dreams won't come true. 

" I am the most devoted "

when I left from there I had all of my credit cards paid up, credit limit was increased, and
 I got another credit  card. 

had $2000 in savings, about $1000 in checkings.. 
A Jamaican brother, that worked  in the furniture shop next to my employer worked there for about the same length of time I worked for my employer, gave me a cane, that his grandmother made for him, along with, a belt and Sizzla CDs. 
We never spoked or did lunch. He heard me freestyle one time when me and the brother that helped me get the job was out front chillin' and he seemed to like it. 
It was like he was wishing me luck!
The top sells person who looked and acted like Rodney Dangerfield, told me to go to San Diego and gave me a famous/up coming jazz artist CD. 
The accountant gave me small business pamphlets and papperwork to SCORE which is an organization that helps small business people get started.
The owner of the business who was I think Iranian told me I could come back anytime.
brother that I worked with, who set me up with the job gave me the lessons he had when he was in jail. he was like my counselor the whole time. I told him everything I went through in the past, and asked him all kinds of questions and he had an answer for everyone of them. 
He was a NOI Muslim. Extremely sharp, Alpha type, and well respected. A Straight G! Definitely a leader! He would come to the house with flyers to shows [yelled up to the crib. He never came in]
was the one that took me to the bus station. 

wish I stayed! 
I should have just gotten an apartment..

 I went on to to Cincinnati, Ohio, in hopes to eventually making it to 
San Diego
But nope! I called the dude weeks in advance, we spoke before I left..

When I called from the bus station it was something else. I just got a hotel room for the night thinking " I'm going back to Virginia "
The next morning, I was about to walk to the bus station and over heard a sister in the lobby asking the desk clerk.
Into the conversation like a super hero..
She introduced me to her man, whom was selling magazines [I did it before] showed him my I.D. and he let me roll to Richmond, Va and from there I  caught a bus to the Beach!
Thank You God!

I showed the tax pappers for 2001-2002' Campbell/CamCo from approx. mid 2001 to  at max 3-2002, because I moved to Frederick,MD on 3-02. It is on the credit report so.. The remaining of the year I worked for the temp service. 

My question is..

Who's Playing??

Friday, December 16, 2011

Genesis 1:1 "The Fall"

Space holds measurements; engulfs movements..

Points connect; rhythms collide with what was..

Big Bang, new beginnings, vibes


Matters spiral downward toward a new


Enter Phaze VI, authoring scripts, learning  burning

within concerns, conflict.

No time to be careless, memories blurry..

Intoxicants good wine, sweet soma..

Aroma key, I remember well, rebel
remember me, mutual.

I see, all seeing..and I always will believe,
in He.

Though out all eternity.

Written By Myth-Ra Raised aka Lord Ur-ros