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88-89 to 95' [P-1]
13 Bravo, Cannon Crewman

 Job Corps didn't work for me, my car blew a gasket. I needed $400 to fix it, What can I do? Join the ARMY [to get my car fix]... I spoke to a recruiter, went to Richmond for the physicalBAM - Ft sills Ok here I come! I scored well enough to go in for communication but... they got me. I remember thinking ' what kind of civilian job can I get that shoots off cannons? '
But that did not stop him. He made the best out of the situation.. 

I learned:

-how to be a strong Individual
-how to work as a collective

Upon returning because I couldn't function properly: Car wasn't fix; I was in the National Guard, only seeing constructive people once a month and 2 weeks straight during the summer; temptations; I regressed back to a ' everyday nigga '.. Got in troubles, discharge from the military (Honorable - but with no benefits - because I missed too many formations)

The Ignorance was always there but things got 

Even the angels back in the day, [Twin Canal days] had a lil devil in em: We snuck in movies, catching flicks back to back at the mall and had a attitude toward people outside of our neighborhood, because we lived in low income housing.. We had a lil complex. Occasionally we'd steal candy and stuff. I got caught once as a youth. My mother had to come get me: 3 Gi-Joe figures: Ranger, Commando.. 
sneak into abandon houses [with honeys/chill].. We chased the bus driver husband out of the neighborhood, when we were in junior high.
And the stupidity elevated as the alcohol and drug consumption increased: from weed, pills, acid.. to the crack era. 

Crack Destroyed Relationships
Crack caused the criminal activities to elevated and develop meaning. People weren't tripping on acid.. being silly, they had to have it and manipulation criminal activities for many was mandatory.
When I skated, I still listened to Hip Hop infact many of the best breakers turned into skaters but that is a different story.. 
Enters" The Golden Era " of Hip Hop.  A new era is..  new attitude/epoch.. Materialized.

Musical influenced

I loved Eric B, EPMD, KRS-One.. The Beastie Boys.. But I was a Public Enemy Head. This new conscious attitude was good because It gave people esteem but at the same time we weren't discipline . So, A rebellious nature came into place. 

It was either ' Fight the Power ' or ' Fuck the Police'

NWA came in rebellious like The Beasties but they had a harsher attitude.. 

Strange-but I liked it!

This new era came about, after I moved out of the neighborhood [which was middle class] included fairly new associates  and our ties weren't strong and people were getting charges. There was no unity.

[The military tempered me but, I still had some shit in me..]

Got Me

  In 1990 I was charged with B&E/Grand Larceny ' because of my big ass mouth. They were arresting a couple of other people and I started running my big ass mouth from the side lines, next thing you know me and my big mouth were in the backseat of the police car. heading to the precinct.. After over 10 charges was thrown on me, 2 stuck.. 

My attitude was shitty. I was like you didn't catch me. I am innocent until proven guilty. 

I defended myself in court, reading from an old ass law book.. I said, 
" They said I did, I said I didn't; there is no physical evidence, no witnesses in court [besides the same 3 officers that arrested me].. If I am innocent until proven guilty, I am still innocent - It's my word, against theirs. Criminal cases deal with facts. This is is not a civil case. The defense rest his case, your honor " 

I was found guilty..

I had a public Defender... Pete Legler but they called him Penitentiary Pete
and right before the trial he said " you should plead guilty " in one of those conference rooms. I was being tried [in a empty courtroom].. By a judge instead of a jury, it was all wrong.
I told him " No.. I got this.. " Because they didn't have anything..


He saved me in the end because he said somin after the judge said guilty.. So Penitentiary Pete may have saved me from the Penitentiary.

but I had an attitude.. I felt I was crossed so my attitude towards the system worsened.

No Contest Sooner than later I got in trouble again, for a car stereo system, a sleeping bag.. and some other dumb shit [courtroom was laughing during the preliminary ]. This time when they read people's miranda rights.. everyone said they were asleep [the crime happened at 2:00 a.m.], including the driver of the vehicle.. We were hinting to the officers ' I want to talk to my lawyer '.

  Trial day I came into the courtroom with  poster boards, marked up: pictures drawn - ready for war!
AND they revoked my bond, a new trial date was set. 
Court day, words were exchanged 
[ They said some one was going to testify <nobody that was charged> ] while I was in the dog pen. They offered 2 - 3 years suspended.  I mentioned my last case [the recent charge,  see - ' Got me ' - the suspended time] and requested the two years be on top of the older 5-10 years because I didn't want the new charge to get me locked up because of the suspended time from the last case.. They agreed, I plead ' No Contest ', rather than ' Guilty '. 

In other words I didn't say I did it. I said I don't have no choice but to plead guilty.. 

Time to Chill

I got about 3 [2 in close proximation to each other, almost immediately after the No contest, and one more about 6 years up and I was hesitant to speak up ] more charges: interferences with arrests/officers on duty.. and came to the conclusion ' People don't give a fuck! '. in fact they want me in jail, more honeys for them.

I wasn't tempered, but I was cautious.. I was against systems in general but I was pretty chill. I was still extremely impulsive, a risk taker. Hypher [self diagnosed ADHD]! My perception was unique because when I got in trouble I would read books on law, conscious books. I'd go to the mosque sometimes and other conscious places, book stores.. Me gettin in trouble reawakened an old love - reading. I always did but I went through a dry period.

But I was still impulsive and very guilable
From VA to Boston  
Me and an associate were working, shoveling trenches, and and mid day we got into an argument [heads butted together]. He said something like, " I bet you wouldn't go to Boston [Mass] with me.  ", [amped a nigga up]
to meet a young lady he met at a " Virginia Beach Greek Fest ". 
I said " Nigga come on.. I got some raps, that need to be heard any damn! " 
We only had 10 dollars between the 2 of us.. and that was spent, to get us up 2 or 3 cities - from Virginia Beach to Hampton, Va. I had my military waterproof bag, full of raps and we were off. 

We probably took 50 steps and immediately got a ride.  We took 1000 steps total, up and back: 
got a ride from Hampton to Baltimore [by a truck driver] - to a trucker rest area

; a ride from Baltimore to Philly [ by a cool ass brother]. He took us in front of his house, he went in 

for a minute, came back like we were fam and we carried on

 ; a ride from Philly to New York by a puerto rican brother - [He was waving a gun around telling us 

to carjack some got damn body. but he was trying to help]

We took a few steps rested/napped under a bridge [overpass] regrouped. .  and headed toward the city. This is where we walked the most - New York. Lips were blowing in the wind, chapped up from the cars blazing pass us.. 
but a car finally pulled over.. and it was the coach for Boston University Basket-ball team 90-91'. I think his name was Barry.
He was about 5 9'.. Dark skinned, beard...  and not only did he give us a ride, but he offered opportunities. This great man took us to New Haven, Connecticut [strip/downtown], dropped us off at the mall with enough money to eat at Burger King. He told us he was coming back in about a half hour. He came back.. we continued up toward Boston and stopped inside of a very fancy restaurant and ate an expensive dinner. Then he dropped us off in the neighborhood [guns were firing warning shots, I'm thinking], he told me [while giving me his card], " If you stay here until wednesday.. I have a group for you to meet,  dancers, DJ, producers.."  

I was like, " Helll Yeah!! See you wednesday"
and he left

We then made our way to the phone booth, and my associate called the young lady's house. Her name was Deena but she wasn't home.  her mother answered. 
She was like ' get off them street before you get killed '. She identified us from the window of her apt.. She invited us in, offered us something to drink, got in touch with Deena. She was a police officer, her son was locked up and from what we were told, he was very active and respected on the streets. The neighborhood was
They took care of us. Deena showed us the city, and it got more and more beautiful by the day. She showed us where to go to get apartments. The person I went  with [Reggie] ended up calling Va.. and People were like come back, he approached me like lets leave.. We left 1 day early [tuesday]. All I needed was 1 more day and I would have been on. 
The coach! 
We packed up headed toward the interstate. We seen and helped a lady change a flat tire on the interstate.. got 10 dollars a peace, took 20 steps and got picked up by a dude that looked like Nick Nolte. You know the cop that co-starred with Eddie Murphy in the movie 48 hours. The car looked the same and everything, except it wasn't a convertible and he was much cooler. He even picked up another long haired modern hippie dude in Jersey.. I don't know if he made it because he was talking waay too much. He wanted to get some drugs, dude was down at first but he changed his mine. But he kept talking.. I think he got dealt with. 
got dropped off in Richmond, Va early in the morning. Cop warned us, kicked us off of the interstate. Gave us a ticket and said, if he catches us on it again, he will arrest us. So we were stuck.. We got into an argument because he wanted to keep walking on the interstate.. He walked I hung out by the hotel off the ramp.. " Can I get a ride? " and another brother came to the rescue. He was going to Norfolk.. In a sweet Black load, might have been a mustang. I seen the nigga walking, thumb out... told him to scoop him up.. he took us all the way to the beach and bought.. a hotel room for us and immediately split.. 
Nigga made a call and was hittin, in my grill, lights on. 
Tat for Tat

The Roots: P-1

We War

Myth-Ra Raised  was born 5-1-70, in Montclair, NJ. He was the 3rd of 4 children from his mother and the first born from his father. The two elder brothers had different fathers from each other and, Myth-Ra and the youngest.  It is said to that Myth-Ra and the youngest have the same father. Myth-Ra was named D'Artis A Alexander by the one said to be his physical father, Robert E. Alexander [deceased]. It is all a mystery to Myth-Ra. His said father was from New Jersey, his mother is from Portsmouth, Va. It was a short stay in New Jersey. At one time he and a 5 years older sibling were in a shelter, in New Jersey.
 " I remember darkness, walking outside of a big white house or building, where there were a lot of kids. I remember feeling a lot of negative emotions: unhappiness." His mother would visit ocassionally. " I remember my mother visited, I was happy to see her. I cried from the thought of her leaving. After the short stint in the shelter the family regrouped then moved to Virginia, where the mother originated [the father stayed with the family off and on for a couple of years disappeared and latter died from pneumonia, so he was told]. "I had a excellent feeling toward my father and the paternal side. I always asked my mother questions about my father and his family, I loved going through the family albums"
The amount of time D'Artis was in New Jersey was extremely short. After a couple of brief settlings, home for D'Artis Anthony Alexander became Twin Canal Village, in Virginia Beach, Va. There he was raised from 8 to 19 years old.

Twin Canal Village
' from 78-89 [An avid breaker from 81-82 to 83-84] Myth was a natural when it came to dancing or  anything creative. " I Break danced [ I was the best variable break dancer in the neighborhood].. I was the one that took breaking seriously, doing moves like knee rock to the backspin to the headspin. I'd dive into the back spin, then pop   I'd step in your hands and do a back flip. I had all kinds of moves. I won talent shows [school and neighborhood]"

He continues. [An avid skater from 84-85 to 86-87]" I was a descent skater, and was respected locally. The first boards I got for Christmas was a white Mark Gonzales and a purple John Lucero deck, with independent trucks.  

I played the sax in the school band for a few years, and I usually sat first chair, went to all-city. I played guitar. I had a few guitars including, 2 Ibanez: one of them was pink and one the other one was black - (twins). I played a little drums. In the house there was a drumset, an organ, bells, maracas, bongos... I was in a band and I also played with others on the streets: The Thrillers. I remember waking up early saturday mornings selling Krispy Kreme donuts to get equipment for the group. I couldn't bring any instruments outside of the house accept for one raggedy ass guitar. I couldn't have company in the house either. I could have created my own group because I had the instruments. In that band we mostly break danced. I also break danced with a crew in bars for tips. 

I took Karate got 1st placed in a Chuck Norris tournament, and got another trophy, 4th place.. I lost because I wasn't focused. My mother and I was was arguing so I lost to a short red head kid, because I wasn't focus, I couldn't snap out of me and my mother's awkward situation."

 He carries on..
"All of that and more before I got into high school, I was very creative"

"I loved breakdancing, before I heard of breakdancing, I came out of the womb with soul. One of my favorite songs was 'Ring my bell' by Anita Ward, I'd go in a trance dancing to that song especially on the break."

"It was the freedom. I enjoyed being creative, I felt like I was free from earth's matters, I never got along with the household, my imagination took me somewhere else. Everything was created in solitude, by myself."

A lot was learned in that little neighborhood.

"In Twin Canal I became aware of order and basic social principles. I learned how to cooperate in there. Twin Canal is where I broke out of my artistic shell. It's where I became more cooperative. I developed self awareness in that neighborhood."
Myth-Ra goes on.
"Everything I did, I practiced alone 90% of the time. I enjoyed practicing because I was self motivated. "
Myth-Ra reached a blue belt in karate, he trained hard. Starting between the age of 6 or 7 and continued, some sort of karate, judo, training until he was 13-14years old. When breaking started he was flexible and very sharp. before he knew of break dancing, he was breaking[dancing on the floor doing dragon kicks, russian kicks]. "
"I really felt music deeply. House full of instruments, bongos, bells, maracas, organ, drum set, guitars.. I played the sax in school, and best believe I am sitting first chair, going to all city and it is more than just having things because other people had access to the same things I had but did not play with them, I love music, not just Hip Hop or R&B, but.. music and I am Self Motivated"
I represented period! And always did, and everybody that knew me knows that.. band: school[sat first chair and always went to all-city] and the street; martial arts karate: atleast 3 styles, and judo; break dance crews[above average/won contests]; a descent skateboarder; jobcore; Army National Guards - tried to go to school[college] and the main reason I joined was to fix my car.. at this time, I was 18. I could rap and I put together quite a few songs, using a drums set,  an electric guitar that I used for the rhythm, lead, and bass parts, and an organ. I'd record using a tape recorder, and a dictaphone. I would reord the drums first. Next I would record me playing the organ with the the drum set. Then I'd record me playing the guitar with the recording of the drums, the organ and the guitar. Then I'd rap or sing. I'd fill cassette tapes with songs, front and back. With songs like "Follow the spade ", " Deja Voo ", " I see Red ", " D'Artis The Overlord " I kept it to my self, well I tried to.



I always read socially conscious book and other books: " Crisis between Black & White ", " Message to the Black Man ", " The Death and Life of " Malcolm X ", "Black Power "and many others. I loved encyclopedias, books on animals, dinosaurs, marvel comic books. I enjoyed anything educational, Sci-fi, and my last few years I got into metaphysical books because of a paralyzing sleeping disorder that I had most of my life. My spiritual nature intensified. When I became more aware of it, it made itself more felt. I began diagnosing self. I got high, tripped, and Robitussin DM [Robo], could have played a part in enhancing the strange feelings.. "The Shadow". I use to fight that .. Whatever. Had to sleep with a barbel by me and a bible under my pillow. Socially, life was great. I had a diverse group of associates. Twin Canal was home. When I moved out, all hell broke loose!

From  approximately [76- 80] Karate made it to blue belt under Sensei Don Page(taught toughness), [79-81] Sensei Pitts brought Hip Hop Rappers Delight(taught sharpness-mixed martial arts with music-Katas), Sensei Hoggro polished things off/movies. 
[81-83] Sensei Marvin Wallace put everything into play with full contact fighting, conditioning with [81-83']John Pickens [Mentor], Supplied the first and only group I ever been in ' The Thrillers ' A musical band/breakdance group-When I was in it we mostly dance. I performed and was fortunate to associate with the best and the most respected to a good degree. I took judo at the Kempsville Recreation Center [78-80]:
First place trophy at my first karate tournament, went to finals and got a plaque [wasn't focused]
Was into gymnastics as a kid and won ribbons..
I was in band in elemetary school 6th grade: sat 1st chair
I was ok in school
Junior High[82-85]
Usually sat first chair in band, well known for break dancing, attended kung fu classes but it ended around 83'84' became a very decent skated[Mark Gonzales, John Lucero were my first boards], I played the guitar for The Thrillers but never performed musically, but I participated in dancing with them, building a name for the group and on the weekends early in the mornings we knocked on doors to sell Krispy Kreme glazed donuts for the band. I did perform with a close associate in a hotel Ballroom [x-mas Gig] in 87 then afterwards we went to D.C. and hit the "Foxes Playground ", my first strip club, all nude.. hit another club downtown and the strip. That was one of the best times ever.
I went to Old dominion jobcore for a couple of weeks, had to leave because people were gettin in trouble/jail.. I went home before my name got popped out of a hat[arrested for nothing]
88' mother got me a car, it broke down.. I join the Army National Guard.. 
occasionally I would work with my mother at a restaurant " Tortillia Junction 80 or 81', Volunteered at Animal Kingdom[pet shop] 81', participated in Stama/Stop programs - summer jobs for low income for about 3 years 81-83', worked at Burger Kings 86', Chi Chi's 86-87'

Friday, December 16, 2011

Genesis 1:1 "The Fall"

Space holds measurements; engulfs movements..

Points connect; rhythms collide with what was..

Big Bang, new beginnings, vibes


Matters spiral downward toward a new


Enter Phaze VI, authoring scripts, learning  burning

within concerns, conflict.

No time to be careless, memories blurry..

Intoxicants good wine, sweet soma..

Aroma key, I remember well, rebel
remember me, mutual.

I see, all seeing..and I always will believe,
in He.

Though out all eternity.

Written By Myth-Ra Raised aka Lord Ur-ros