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Chapter-IX Businessman Bandit or Bum Project [2009']

Executive Produced. Mixed.
Produced. Arranged. Composed. and Performed by D'Artis Known as ' Lord Ur-ros ' Alexander

Record Company Owner:
Shemariah Inc.
Licensed I have all of the paperwork, so I can sign an act.

 Executive Producer:
I  invested in an artist: Myth-Ra Raised which could be the model for other artists.

I have all of the recording equipment needed and after I complete the project I will be able to produce the type of work I truly wanted to produce.

Businessman Bandit or Bum is just a model to show the quality of work I have for family. First fam [6] then expand to associates [9] equals power which is position or control over the situation.

I will be looking for artists to sign to the lable; to executive produce a CD; or to produce a song for them, but first I needed a CD ' Businessman, Bandit or Bum ' so they could hear the quality of my work which is why I needed great mixing and mastering. That's why I needed this project to hit. 
So If I was in a car driving with them down the strip, you could hear my work in the CD player[with my cousin next to me], then we could smoke one while they are listening to beats, next I slide you my car with links to my sites - professionalism, sophistication.

I wrote the music for the ' Businessman Bandit or Bum project ' and others in the past.  I wanted to extend my range into other genres, and also take it into film to broaden my range professionally but I needed to first do the music then the film or theatre rather.. then the film. To get in theatre I needed to record something creative like a music video but I can't create a music video without music. 
Do you get it?

I didn't want to engineer the project [Engineering is mixing and mastering ], but what I did want to do is upload the music from my equipment into the computer system to have some type of experience. I mixed the music anyway because I couldn't help myself, realized I sucked and paid the cost with my chest up. 
I sucked so bad I didnt know who was good, bad or ok at mixing, but after a year of intense effort I developed ' the ear ' for recording music..  by the end of 2007, I knew the procedures to find out if mixers and engineers were good and ect. I figured since I know how to mix, I just as well get the credit for mixing, so now I can mix for artists under my lable, under another lable and ect, and get paid that $150.00 for a song or higher. They would hear examples of my work from the ' Businessman, Bandit or Bum ' project. They will also hear my production and ect.
Do you feel me?

Lets Ride

I  was mixing the music [Bucephalus Production] and I'm the executive producer of the ' Businessman, Bum or Bandit ' Project  ' for Shemariah Incorporation overseeing graphics and such. Around 2009, is when I start that phase of the plan - graphics though I paid for it at the end of 2007'.

Video of  the original plan created at the end of 2007 for the graphic part of the Businessman, Bandit or Bum Project: Shirts, videos.. But the recording process threw things off and we started working a year later.

Video shows a variety of things, but go to 7 minutes in the video and you will see the business cards I got. They were to be passed out at the family Reunion. So I ended up getting 2 graphic designs and about 500 business cards.

So basically now I'm mixing music and working with Eric with the graphics. He had relocated to a different location; it was nice - more stylish: 2 floors with a high ceiling in the front, a reception desk, A very large office and 3 or four other rooms. Upstairs, was large itself; large rooms, with corners leading away into a maze [ when it was empty later, after businesses left]. There were A couple of other businesses, operating within the building with him, but eventually Eric operated in the building alone where he had the ground floor to himself while The upper floor was occupied by another crew that had it going on as well. I imagine Eric arranged something with them. They had internet radio media in a room that looked professional, and music was in rotation. It was pre-recorded as well as live. It was super tight clean and professional [this is when I seen the dark maze; the other areas/rooms that were empty]. Eric was like I could help you connect with them. Eric was cool! But I wasn't interested because I was only interested in the project then connecting with fam - supa-focused.. I didn't want to see nobody. My all was into the project and I didn't have the energy or the patience needed to work with people. I didn't want to be distracted.

Video of  of Martian Lab Media location around 2001-2'

Video of  of Martian Lab Media 2007 - 08' location when I bumped into him.

Video of  of Martian Lab Media 2009' when we started the project

I  took pictures in his office; I think 6 of them. The one in the background was with my hands on the desk, which was suggested by one of his colleagues. 
gave him the pictures of the castle and I gave him a horse or told him I wanted a horse racing forward
I came weeks to a month later and he had 3  faces side by side like Mount Rushmore National Memorial, The castle, The pyramid, the sand, the horses, with the orange background.
I told him to take 1  of the face out because I thought it was too animated, I was going for a calm sophisticated look. I told him to magnify one of the pictures and to put the other face picture, that his colleague suggested, to the side of it. I requested the smoke, the sun, the bird flying, which he drew on the spot, the Bucephalus writng and the symbol above it. I requested the shade on the horse's back & head which reflected the sky, and the effects aroud the horse's body. 
later, by myself with my software, darkened, and added texture, to the whole picture. 

The picture below is another one of the pictures I did with Eric..  He felt it should have been more earth tone like the one above. I took the picture with the computer at home then took it to him. The red was for the heat which signified the pressure. It was very stressful  for me putting the project together.. I'm thinking, meditating in a dark place. I was there with this one throughout the creative process which took one day, but we quarrelled during this one. He felt the colors should have been more earthy like the one above. We did this one in a day.

I got business cards to match the project which was my idea. Eric was getting tired of me. That just meant I was doing my job. I'd pop up on him. I came for service a year after I paid him, and it was summer.
We didn't discuss a lot of the details. He was busy with a host of clients and I was busy mixing. We just faded away from each other. We both are headstrong so, it is what it is. 
This project introduced, and caused me to develop an interest for graphic design software, which is another skill.

This whole process took approximately 2 months and the heat was on. 

Caught up in the Mix
Video of  of notes I took in 2009 during the recording process for different instruments and voices.

How Long Does It Take To Record An Album
 Click link above

Video is gone but the video said 2 years. Here is a link to a search that shows you the video did exist Click here

I was in the room recording, editing, mixing  and I was very focused like J. Dilla when he was a live.

Finally, I am finished Mixing
The mixing is done now all I have to do is master it. I called Disc Makers
to get it mastered because earlier they said I could master it through them - again. Twice, before it didn't come out right due to my mistake mixing. But Disc Makers was under new management now and the new Project Manager The old manger was Jason Sladinskihad an issue with me coming back almost a year and a half later. He said he would re-master my work, but it had to be the same material I sent beforeThe problem was I rewrote the lyrics, and the music. He said he didn't have my older music but I  didn't want any problems because of greedHe offered me a good deal to master my workso I called my brother Jerry to see if I could get the money back from him  since he never mixed itHe said he didn't have it but he could master my music for me. I agreed and sent the music over the internet. He complained about the mix then asked me to send individual tracks so he could mix it. I said ' forget it ', and asked him to put the graphics Eric and I created onto my myspace [ background ] page and we'll call it even with the $100.00 I gave him to mix my work. He agreed. 

The Music was Never Mastered

The money ran out so I couldn't master the project but I'm not worried because.. 


you want Pro Tool services... they charged me $75 and hour

you want me to mix a song... they charged me $150

music production services... starts at $1,000

beats [music] starts at $300

management.. 10-20%

counseling fees.. I paid $30

And a host of other options like  featured artist prices, writer, executive production and ect.

I asked for the number to the Alexanders [ my paternal family ] and that is when the problems began.
My brother and I had a disagreement and my mother got word of it from her husband, so she expressed her issue with me without properly sizing up the  situation. It wasn't a bad argument between us but it became a serious issue.
I felt and still feel I completed my mission which was the ' Businessman Bandit or Bum Project ' . It was different from the original one set, not as polished. The name changed and there wasn't as many tracks but I was more proud of performance than I  imagined. 

If you look at my history, you'll see, it's extremely obvious -
 I'm on a mission. 

I completed the final phase in my mission. I tried to finish it by 2008 for the ' 2008 Alexander-Anderson Family Reunion ' but I couldn't even finish it for the ' 2009 Alexander-Anderson Family Reunion ' 

I was going to connect with people in the family outside of the Reunion with a incomplete project, but a valiant effort and more skills. 
So the argument and me approaching my mother for every Alexander number weren't related with each other. I just happened to be finish with the project the same time we argued.

Aug.-sept.- 2009
Give me the numbers to all of the Alexanders " 
was my next move.. P-e-r-i-o-d 
 The words instinctly melted out of my mouth because it was time to go. There was no malice in my speech. There was no emotion or ill-will.

Click link below to get the facts: 
Problem: ' So I'm a Bum now? ' 
* Link explaining things disabled. Please go on to Chapter X as instructed below


Or and then Click here to go to Chapter X Revelations: ' So I'm a Bum now?.. No Megas Go-Billion! '

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