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Chapter-X Revelations: ' So I'm a Bum Now?.. No Megas Go-Billion ' [2009-2015]

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So I had to moved on..
I went on to the Dell card and and purchased items to make money.
Ink cartridges: black&white, color
Paper: various sizes [a] business cards [b] for promotional purposes
Video Recorder [UltraHD]
live audio devices [Yamaha Pocketrack CX] for live shows

Video of  receipts for printer, camera, camera lens, video recording equipment, 
paper and ect.

Photography paper, business card paper

I put this together for my uncle Bruce
My uncle Bruce ' the Robin Hood of the hood, and my favorite uncle when I was growing up ' lived and worked in Olde Town Portsmouth. He was a Muslim. He was very well respected throughout the city. He had a variety of trades..  Here is a picture of Bruce . He was Mr. Fix it seen above in the picture. He worked for a Realtor in Olde Town, Portsmouth. He walked me in the office and introduced me to the people that he was working for, and it looked very nice. He did residential and commercial work. I worked with him a couple of times - one time in 2002' and another time in 2004'. The work I did above was done around  Oct, 2009. We stopped interacting because my mother felt she should be the middle-woman in our business relationship. She told me she didn't want him coming to the house. She wanted the transaction to go through her. I didn't/don't want her in my business/life then now or in the future, especially after she messed up my last plan which involved me connecting with family.

She said if you want to deal with Bruce, I had to move through her. 

I  offered Bruce a media show opportunity & photographical work and in exchange I wanted to use his apartment to record music projects.
I offered him a talk [community-conscious] show with me producing it. Bruce was a Muslim. I had the cameras and resources to get things going until Bruce did well enough to do it on his own with a professional producer. I was thinking there are better people out there but I could get him started for free. In return, I would use his apartment to record artists since I couldn't record anything in my apartment. He had an excellent location. It couldn't be any better with a better person. I was thinking we could start off with poets and r&b artists..

Video of  Olde Towne Business District where my Uncle Bruce stayed in 
Port Norfolk - A

He was close to the water I could take a ferry boat to Waterside where there are numerous festivals with live performances which would definitely strengthen both of our networks. There are malls: Waterside Mall, Mac Authur Mall; The Norva; Tidewater Community College and much more. Norfolk State University is about 15 minutes from Waterside and Old Dominion University is about 25 max.

Video of  Waterside events that constantly takes course in the area where my 
Uncle Bruce lived

He refused because my mother, his sister, was uncomfortable with us relating.

I explained to him the importance of me connecting with paternal family and he went down stairs and said something like ' connect him with his people...' nothing else was said. Soon, Bruce and I stopped talking.

Dawn Kroboth did my taxes the last 2 years. When she did my taxes earlier around October-November, she told me to pay her back when I could. Early December, I asked her if I could pay her back by purchasing her something like a [ Christmas] gift or something. She said yes. We check out the Dell catalogue and I purchased her a mp3 player. 
Later that week, I approached her with a photography special I was starting: 5  photos for free. 

5 Photos for free special
I decided to give 5 free photos away to 5 different individuals. In exchange they would have to put my business card/flyer on their desk to promote my services. I just got the camera set: Camera [T1i- Rebel], 3 quality lens, Flash and I was ready to take things to next level. I figured they're getting it for free, how could I lose? Immediate arguments and drama came about.  I feel the problem was I took to many good pictures.  It went horrible because it got too personal. But opportunities were offered to me, people liked the work.  

Opportunities for photography work at events, business card inquiries, and so forth came through. The response creatively was better than I thought but the respect wasn't there. A powerful image is as important as heart. 

Video of  my photography work

 Jan. - Mar. 2010 Bucephalus Media: 

I had a variety of media running including an internet radio page - Bucephalus Media.

99.9 Bucephalus Media FM for music l 99.9 Bucephalus Media AM for talk

I had the resources to record live acts with quality sound Yamaha Pocket CX, and video Cannon T1i Rebel. I went to a club called Luxury Brown off of Baker Rd to record live poetry, but I immediately bumped into issues. My car broke down. I had to get picked up and the car problem only elevated. The tags were up, the inspection sticker was expired and there was no telling what else was wrong with the vehicle.
No more transportation
By the time I started interacting with people, my vehicle became unusable. The sticker on it read ' Vehicle will be towed in 6 days ' and I couldn't park it on the drive way or garage because it was leaking oil.

I sold my vehicle  
between the 1st & 2nd quarter of 2010 so now I'm not mobile.
We were at the apex of a global financial crisis; credit card companies were calling constantly; and the attitude of majority of the people were very nasty, because of foreclosures, bankruptcies and the likes.. 

To top everything off.. I got letters from the city about my business license, property taxes, incorporation fees, Retail Sales Slips..  I had to pawn precious studio equipment and ect to pay bills.. I had to let it all go.

Video of  Equipment pawned to pay bills

There was an attempt on my part to do a studio set up because an associate, musician, had a room for rent. I wanted to use his room for recording because I couldn't have company in my family's house which meant I couldn't record artists. My mother doesn't allow in company. She never did.
I asked him the price for the room. I threw up a number and told him to challenge it, but he refuse to do so. Things went absolutely no where with us, due to different interests. He wanted to manage me like an artist when I owned an entertainment business and basically had all of the equipment needed to for my own business - Shemariah Inc. His propositions didn't make sense. I was only interested in that room for rent to record artists. I needed decisions to be made without restrictions, especially now. It's like this, my business is my business, whether it's cutting grass or cutting records. I gave him options. [a] I told him I could set up a myspace music page for him with his music or his management and we could record with my system [b] I  told him I could record his music with Protool because he played bass. It could have been an instrumental CD. I had a quality camera that could have been used for music video, media services: Bucephalus Media TV... He said he knew people that could do the same work for me but why would I do that when I have my own equipment - that I paid for? 

I believe some people were upset with me because I didn't add them on Myspace. I didn't want to add people I knew until my goals was complete, because I learned that people judge you from your exterior which is the reason I started doing things solo in 2002 . That's how I was doing it period, and I have no regrets. Other people probably feel I'm doing too much on my own, that I should just be an artist which is ridiculous!

' Business had to come to a cease - ' The Fall ' '
I found a bill for property tax, for equipment, and it was old.  I didn't have any money to pay it. I called the treasure department or something and told them my business hasn't operated, made money in years. We went back and forth for a bit, but they let me slide. I didn't have to pay for property tax, but the lady on the phone said.... ' you better not be operating your business ' and she sounded like she was on the next block talking through a walkie-talkie. After that call, you couldn't pay me to work under the table. I felt people would report me in.
Equipment was gone, creditors were calling every minute. I stopped picking up the phone and was uneffected. Where I rested my dome, there wasn't any peace. The streets don't care unless it's profiting off of you. It'll eat you up. People play you for your weakness and my weaknesses were too obvious to get a drop of respect; and to top it all off, we were just entering the recession. The rotten cherry on top was I had no transportation.

2010-2011: I was in the 
Twilight Zone
The home environment was like ' The Twilight Zone '
She would ask why I wasn't doing anything and I'd say I couldn't because my credit was screwed. I'd be working for free because the creditors would automatically take money from my checks. And I'd mention how if she stayed out of my plan I wouldn't be in this situation. I also had this large lump on my rib and very serious dental issues. The dental issue was crippling and the tumor started to feel uncomfortable. I didn't know if it was cancer and that effected my mind state. I had absolutely zero moves. I felt like I could die because of health issues. I was thinking, I know I aint going out like this. A couple of times, I caught the shivers, and an extremely large blood clot came out of my nasal. The dental issues was hell on earth. It took a toll on my body and mind. I literally had to stop worrying to survive. I had to stop caring. Dis-eases starts in your mind.

' No Money Mo Problems '

Video of  Bankruptcy process from Jan 2012' until the summer of 2012'

Video of  Dental work process from Jan 2012' through 2013'

Video - A of  Health Tumor Bill/Process from July 2013 to 
Oct 23rd 2013.

Video - B of  Golf ball size Tumor.

I had the tumor since around 2000'. A friend [on my myspace friendlist, whom I never spoke to] posted how she had to get her chest cracked open because of heart issues that were rooted from dental issues. She warned people to not take dental issues lightly. So I was thinking maybe my dental issue was the cause of the lump on my rib. I put so much effort into getting the mission complete which was to have my business established that I put my health issues aside for years to complete a mission and I had to pay the price.

I already had a chipped gold tooth and while I was in the house I accidently hit my other front tooth with a bar, So I was looking crazy. A chipped gold and a chipped front tooth. I have no problem reimbursing these things. But I'm out before that. I will pay later after I'm secure.

 The Positive was I started writing blogs in 2012' and meeting people online
The main reason I started writing blogs was to somehow connect with someone in the industry so I could pay off the credit card debt. I felt if I connected with someone in the industry, I could pay off my debts and start a new life quickly. I wanted to connect with Russell Simmons. I was thinking I could be an A&R or some type of executive with a salary $70,000 a year and from that salary I could pay off the debt and re-incorporate Shemariah Entertainment for music and independent movies while living in NYC,  Atl or LA, then I would have tried to connect with family. It sounds far-fetched but the plan worked to a degree, because people in the industry approached with money opportunities but I would have been paid through an online format. Independent film was offered as well, as a writer. I was offered position as a writer or producer for entertainment companies in New Jersey, Georgia.. And many other opportunities..  The thing was the creditors would have intercepted the money. I couldn't tell them that's why I didn't accept the offer. 

I felt I had an impressive hand:
- I had music production: 3 songs on the internet which I produced, mixed, written ect.

- I had an internet radio show: Bucephalus Media

- I had written and recorded a couple of comedy skits: ' The Twins ' - 2 parts
both in which I recorded and edited; and I had recorded a Disc Frisbee video

- I started writing blogs in the first quarter of 2012' , and I met [online] a lot of industry people whom  were interested in doing some type of business. 

Opportunities came my way and I connected with valuable people from all levels, all over United States and the world. There were artists, musicians, music producers, publishers, movie makers, fashion designers... but my situation, the financial debt and the lack of transportation, prevented me from being able to make money. My health prevented me from relocating. I had dental issues, and a tumor or cancer. I didn't know what the was. I was in the process of getting a bankruptcy debating whether I should get it or not because I was getting great deals negotiating with creditors. I was in the bankruptcy office asking questions, but I eventually gave in.
I couldn't do anything.
I tried the idea of working with new artists, but their inexperience effected the opportunity of any work, they wanted things done free. I didn't have my business paperwork and the home environment wasn't stable enough to leap into anything correctly.

2010 - 2012'
No money, no way of making money.. 
mind - games[absolutely -10 trust]

Industry people came to me to promote for them, to partner up on projects with payment methods but I couldn't accept their money because of debt. I'm not going to slick the government and go to jail.
industry people wanted to meet me from Jersey, Georgia.. to do stuff but I'm broke.

I came to the conclusion I couldn't meet the likes of a Russell Simons if he wanted to because I didn't have a penny to buy a glass of water.

But the opportunities came and I have the letters to prove it. So if people would have stayed out of my business, I would have been set.

I didn't participate in activities or events locally because 

tried to leave but I met obstacles 
mind games [absolutely -10 trust]

I met all kinds of people. Quality opportunities were there world-wide. I connected with people that did music, theatre, film work but I couldn't do anything because of credit issues, health issues... I met people ahead of the people I dealt with in the past, but I couldn't accept offers because of credit issues.

At the end of 2014 an opportunity finally came. I got a credit card opportunity.. and I took it. This is my chance to move.

The End: New Beginnings

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