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Chapter-VI The Problem Solving Plan [2003-2004']

was my strongest year financially between 1995 and 2005 according to the Social Security Statement.

I - Climatemakers ltd.
Now I have transportation.. 
I started working temp services but soon I got regular jobs.

I started off doing heating and cooling: commercial work. I worked at about 3 different commercial businesses. Finally, I did residential heating and cooling. The name of the residential business was Climatemakers ltd..
I'd say I did this line of work for 4 to 6 months.
It was ok, but the residential work involved us going underneathe houses and one time I found a large tick on my back. There were snakes and other critters under there as well. 
Not for me! 
Great company though check them out.
Click video on Climatemakers ltd

II - Atlantic Coastal Construction
I got my license and a car now. I'm eager to work and the look was in my eye. I'm in the pappers, doing walk-ins, hitting industrial parks until I got a job at Atlantic Coastal Construction.
I really liked working for ACC. I got to work with some interesting people during an interesting time' the Iraq war '. 
The war in Iraq began on March 20th 2003 [ and ended on my birthday May 1, 2003 ] an during those times I remember telling people I worked with, we shouldn't fight the war or we shouldn't go into Iraq. I understood the situation with Afghanistan, but going into Iraq was really pushing it.
Click video to see video on
 Atlantic Coastal Construction
The company was in Chesapeake on the border line of North Carolina and the people were conservative in veiw but they were very cool [tolerative] - civil in disposition. They were a lot more understanding than most of the people that I worked  with in prior time periods. 
I've had people that I've related with, black and white,  go up to Cs and Ds and purposely say the type of stuff to them that hampered connections or they'd severely changed dynamics in relationships for mere pleasure, and they were what I would've seen as social liberals. but if they could, they would be relating with the the type of people that were more conservative. Since they didn't owned the qualities or talents accepted by them they settled for less. They'll throw you to the wolves for acceptance. They don't have a choice; They have to be around you. 
Many of the people I worked with believed that we should have went to war like 70% of of Americans at that time. 
It was there that I learned to a higher degree it's more than black and white, republican and democrat, rich and poor when I build my inner circle. I remember a crane operator said ' if you are right, I will vote for the democrats next election. '

Click video to see video on 
The Financial Crisis 2008 

The owner of the company was very cool. Word was he came up from nothing. He had cook-outs at his house and he warred with the troops [meaning worked beside them]. His son who worked with us, was in a Hip-Hop/Rock group. 
I mostly worked with a mild-mannered country boy. The coolest dude out there. He was unique and very intelligent
He liked to read and he was trying to get me into a book that he liked. Later, the book came out as a movie. The name was like ' Space travel ' or ' Space something ' I think he was a libertarian but he could've been a cool conservative. We talked about a lot of stuff from music to ninjis.. I was like his right hand, and he would leave me with construction equipment [ a small crane ] in a field to play with. 

Do you get it? 
If I would have stayed there I would have learned to work  heavy machinery like bulldoziers, cranes.. and they get paid.

But no! 
The other car went down so I had to buy another hooptie.. And maybe that was the problem. 
I was into buying hoopties instead of  newer model vehicles. I was thinking [a] they are easier to fix [b]  I didn't have good relations at the homestead. If she get mad at me, kick me out, then I'd be left with big payments. I'm trying to save money for projects. 

chose the thrifty route.

I had no choice but to go the hooptie route. Now I did take a step up, because I went to a hooptie car lot to get a hooptie. The problem was the vehicle I selected didn't have the paper works to it. They bought it at an auction and whomever auctioned the vehicle didn't have the paperwork.. So the ordeal I went through with the car lot produced issues with the job, because the hours I worked were the same as the car lot which was open 6 days a week.
The car lot ended up giving me, a white 4 cylinder Gram Am that had a blown engine ultimately causing me to loose the job. 
That's life. They tried their very best to work with me and my situation. God wrote all of this. They contributed greatly to my best financial year 
between 95' and 05'..  Thumbs up to them!

went to the auction where the people at the car lot bought my car to get the registration so I tried and I learned something from the effort.

was warring with these hoopties, driving an automatic like a stick. One foot on the gas while the other was on the brakes at red lights. No heat or AC, containers of Coolants everywhere.

Absolutely no play, no girls, no hanging, no clubs clothes.. no anything. Maybe a few dates or whatever, but that was it, and that happened every blue moon. And I am very proud of myself.  If I bought clothes and got into a relationship it would have costed me effecting my odds of  succcess.

I went into  SOLITUDE. I didn't want anyone around me.

2004 was another great year. Though not statistic wise, this year was superb. I elevated to a higher plane in
the game.

Jan-2002 - Credit One Bank: credit card 
* Formerly ' First National Bank of Marin '
Aug-2002 - Shell/Citibank: credit line
Oct-2002 - First Premier: credit card
* Purchased zoom beat machine on 5-12-2002
July-2003 - Capital One Bank: credit card
Mar-2003 - Hsbc Guitar Center: credit line
* Purchased Triton Le 5-21-03 [on Biggie's Birthday] & started stockpiling beats!
Sept-2004 - Exxon/Mobil card 
Oct-2004 - Capital One a credit card
Oct-2004 - Capital One b - credit card
Oct -2004 - Abnb - credit card/checkings&savings
Dec-2004 - Abnb - loan
* $2,000 Loan 
* 12-29-04 recorded ' Due time '[beat name]/' Money on the mind ' [song name]. in Woodhouse Studios. Costing me $75.00 an hour'

I desired a Loan, 
got a loan for credit reasons [points]. I wanted to fatten my credit score. I already was paying off my credit cards weekly [keeping the balance on zero], but I wanted to hit the credit game from a different  angle [to score more points], like a 
' cash loan '. 
 This video is of the Loan paper work 

I already had an older 2 tone thunderbird that ran fine for a work car, but I decided to elevate my game experience and go to the same place where the people from the car lot went to buy and sell their vehicles. I invested the $2,000.00 [loan] as planned immediately, on the investment.

ended up with a black ' Mercury Sable '. I could have paid cash on the spot but I wanted ' payments ' on record, so I paid it off in like 6 months. I figured my next loan would be a greater amount for a greater purpose.

Not the actual vehicle but mines looked exactly
like this one; all the way to the rims.

Around the same time, I recorded in the best studio possible. 
The end result wasn't the best, but it was worth every penny, because I was gaining more experience. I went to Woodhouse Studios twice. The first time nothing happened but I still had to pay.
IssueI didn't know how to connect the computer to the mixing board  to the Triton Korg Keyboard I purchased a few months back, and he wasn't going to show me how which was cool because I am learning the game, from all angles. He said he didn't know how, and it wasn't his job. Time was ticking. I was paying him $75.00 an hour for Pro tools services. So I recorded it in mono rather than stereo which was useless production wise but I got to hear something I did totally on my own: beat music, lyrics, production. Now, I am a producer! Not a good one.. but I am definitely in the game.

Occupation: Painting
I started off painting here and there and eventually stuck with the trade all the way to the end of 2007. I paid my own taxes.
Note: I painted before, for a variety of different companies. small companies, big busineses; residential and commercial. But this time my mind frame and confidence level was more focused on the goal. 
My maturity, experience in life in general made everything, everthing. I had a direction and I didn't care about anything but the goal. Business license,  music production experience, musical equipment: Triton le Korg... I'm in quality studios ' Woodhouse Studios ' paying $75.oo and didn't care.
 Credit limit close to $5000 with quality credit cards [that stayed on zero balance], Guitar Center Card, a couple of gas cards.. a loan under my belt - this was the best place I have EVER been in my whole entire LIFE.

I eventually got incorporated.. I elevated from AARP Tax Aide to Donna Miller Enterprise.   

was a great year!
Part I: Creativity Overveiw

Part II: Productivity Overveiw

Since I returned back from Frederick, Maryland in 5-2002, I grew to a point where I wouldn't use cash period: gas - credit card, lunch - credit card, car parts - credit card. Because of the situation out there I became extremely thrifty and focused: my half of the rent was $500. And in the 2 month period I purchased everything with my credit card. I'd put the cash money in the bank: savings and checkings, and I paid off credit cards whenever I had cash, weekly. 
My main goal was my credit scoreI wanted my credit score over 750 to show I was responsible, business mined; a good amount of money in savings and checkings, to support the venturemy painting business active, to support the savings and checking acconts; and a nice pre production recording studio.. Charging at least $35.00 and hour  with counseling rates. I didn't want to sell beats because I wanted to get the credit for a sound in music. I wanted to be a ' respected producer '

wanted to produce music for artists, so I would have credit for my own sound like Dr Dre, Rza... And music production would be another feePlus I was and  an artistMy plan was to complete a cd with 12-16 songs and I eventually [ in 2007 ] came up with the name for the project.

' Businessman Bum or Bandit '

After this project was complete, I would have something to build on. At this point my goal was clear. The reason why I got into credit cards was because I needed power. I didn't get enough credit/respect for my work [ paid ], control of projects , myself, I didn't trust a soul, so I created partners. I seen the credit cards as partners: the bank accounts, my business in general, as partners, my wife/life and to a degree the womb in which I aimed to master. I changed the production company name from Go-Billion Production to Bucephalus Production which is the name of Alexander the Great's horse. I still go by Megas Go-Billion! aka Alexander D'Great as an executive. And I went by Lord Ur-ros as an Artist
' My Goal '
needed total control over myself, business and operations, and I aimed to affilliate myself with like minded individuals, groups or organizations. I couldn't get what I needed from the streets, so I figured the best way to get it done was through family.  Because the show must go on!

So basically before I deal with associates I deal with my paternal family whom are family oriented, but before I deal with them I had to get myself established: credit cards, projects completed [tangible evidence].. showing my potential associates my worth. So I could elevate to even greater circles circles through the family. 
I'm talking about my career not a job.
' The Plan '
My plan was to get the credit score up, a project finished: ' Businessman Bum or Bandit ', and then attend the Alexander/Anderson family Reunion [Paternal side] where they have talent shows. I planned to attend with [1] a finished product/project [2] own a a pre-production studio which would be named Shemariah Entertainment. Shemariah Entertainment is the name of my castle and the land or my paradise-true happiness ' peace of mind '

Noun 1. peace of mind - The absence of mental stress or anxiety.

" Success is peace of mind which is a result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best you are capable of becoming." - John Wooden

Who Playing?

A little history:
Since well before 1999, 1995 up, everything has been strictly business. I was recording in studios doing music with people that made power moves, and besides a personal, it had been 95% business and 5 % pleasure , I have definitely been on course rarely socializing. All of the information is detailed with papper work, that could be faxed to whomever is seriously interested: family, serious business associates. 
prior to 1995, I was getting down as well. Go back to the beginning and you will see this.
didn't have to but I did moved back in with family in 1998, when the lease was up, because things were happening in 1997'. I  didn't have enough money to put into professional studios where the recordings were high quality. I wanted the rent money I used, to go to music projects, because the material recorded before were paid by separate cliques/groups [in the 90's there were a lot of features, people rarely did songs by themselves]. The problem was there wasn't any type of clarity on who legally owned the material; no talk of copyrights. Since there wasn't interest from associates in talking of copyrights, 
I lost interest in recording music and associating with people, and I became  self-ish. My music is for ambitious people. How do I look speaking on handling business and I wasn't handling mines correctly? I was interested in copyrighting each recording while others preferred to copyright in bulk that they held. If we were one, a group, I would understand the idea of bulk copyrighting, but I wasn't in a group. We were associates.

Produced arranged composed and performed by Lord Ur-ros aka Myth-Ra Raised

copyrights all of the power is in the hands of the people who produced or recorded the material because they have the masters while artists get a tape or cd. The legalities bothered me and it began to effect me creatively. 
The whole creative process was an issue - business wise. People felt artists shouldn't represent themselves in a professional manner. 
I've been doing this way too long to not do music professionally and be respected as a professional. I was interested in copyrights, production and eventually owning my own entertainment lable, early on. In fact that was my dream from the very beginning. 
I liked how Prince's music said produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince.
What's the problem? 

How is that selfish negatively?

That's why I don't like people next to me. But I aint changing a lick

This is my dream 

It matters to me. I felt we should act like we were actually in the industry before we delt with them. I wanted to lay law, my own principles. I desired more control and not just artistically but that cost. I wanted to create my own style not just lyrically but production and business wise. I didn't want to be predictable artistically or to even set a trend. I wanted my own lane. I wanted to do art pieces. I wanted to be originalundergroundI needed to be more intimaterelax in the creative environment, but I wanted to feel secure about the business side of things. I didn't want to pour my soul out for nothing ..and not be paid for my services. That is crazy 
love music but that's a given. I needed a recording studio and I wanted my own company to push my material.


After I connected with a few family members in 1998, on my paternal side:my deceased father had 11 brothers and sisters; and my mother had 5 brothers, but early on my mother  separated from her family, disconnecting herself, with her kids from her family from Portsmouth, Va [rooted in the Raleigh, NC, a growing city], in 81-82', and My father and his family since 78'. So, that leaves me, and my mother and siblings whom I'm totally, at odds with.

 Greed, jealousy, status and control

This what you are seeing NOW
My mind was made up. [1] I would connect with my blood family before [2]I add people into my circle - associates. I desired to know and connect with fam [blood] just like everybody else.  They had their family around them and their family's loyalty transcended truth or reason, which is good, but I desire, and command the same quality of respect from my relatives, outside of my immediate family and whomever they relate with. The thing is I never met them before. We spoke a couple of times but I seen they wouldn't understand so before I connect with them I had to build up credit which is

credit: commendation or honor given for some action, quality or ect.: Give credit where it is due.

Shemariah Entertainment

learned a lot since my entry into the game of life and music, and I'm putting the knowledge to use. 

And at this point I was well on my way.

Who Playing?

" I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. " 
Alexander the Great

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