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Chapter-VII Solar Bird - From the Ashes: Scales [2005 to the end of 2007']

Now this is 2005
2005' was an excellent year in all ways. the quality of credit cards went up. I had the Triton Korg Le, and my credit score elevated to the point where I had personal and business credit lines. I had added American Express, Chase, Sam's Club and Capital One Business to my repertoire. I have cards for computer issues: CompUSA, Best Buy; Chevron [gas card].. and the only clothes I'm buying is work clothes and I'm making my own lunch for work. I'm going to work then going directly home which is my mother's house in the office space, sleeping on the floor.

Credit Cards 
Jan-2005 American Express...for business
June-2005 Chase Bank....for business
July-2005 Capital One...for business
Aug-2005 American Express... for business
Sep-2005 Sam's Club..... for shopping/bulk 
Nov-2005 American Express.... for business
Nov 2005 Best Buy....for computer product/services & equipment
Dec-2005 Chevron[Gas card]...... for travel
Dec-2005 CompUSA.... for computer product/ sevices & equipment

- I added the Dell Inspiron l 9300 [entertainment model] laptop computer to the situation.

- I'm making beats [for later] 

- I'm making more money painting [licensed/classified] with a few companies: Krull PaintingCustom painting, and a few others contractors. I'm mostly painting new residential construction [750, 000 homes, condos] but there are some commercial /business jobs.

I recorded a song with Larry Cox

Credit Cards 
March-2006 DFS/Webbank
May-2006 Chase Bank
June-2006 Discover Financial[recieved at Sam's Cub]
Aug-2006 Citi Card
Nov -2006 Chase Bank

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 [Apple computer] 
- I purchased Protools MBox2
- Bought studio monitors, microphone and accessories
- Gym[Kempsville Recreation Center] - GNC [General Nutritional Center]
Went in at 120-122 Gained 25 lbs first year... 150-155 lbs. 

The gym changed my diet, attitude and confidence. It sharpened my logic. I stayed on the scale. I watched every pound increase and decrease. I always asked questions in the gym, GNC, or wherever, regardless how simple or complex the question was. I seeked diverse views to broaden my perception. I stopped drinking sodas, and consumed a lot of water. I paid close attention to my diet, and I started seeing results. I became more goal-oriented, and discipline. I became more systematic, and less impulsive.

I'm getting better with music.  I think I recorded one song with Rob9 ' Luv Sick '. We haven't seen each other in a few years so we banged something out. After that, we didn't see each other again until late 2007. It's work and then the gym. I had to work hard and fast. All business and no play.

I was working hard painting
* I also did food delivery drivingfor a short period

I wouldn't be surprise if my credit line was 50,000 and every penny was availble, and It's diverse: [quality] credit card - personal and business, gas cards, store cards - not fashion. The loan is paid off, bank account at the credit union: savings $1000 - 2,000, checking $500.

2007 was a rich year. I did a lot of planning and readjusting this year. It was about advancing the intelligence in the system I created. I had been painting consistently for years now. I'm familiar with a lot of things I wasn't a few years back.  I was confident. On a personal level, I knew who to listen to, and who not to listen to. I was very particular with who I associated with or did business with, and I was very attentive to details. I'm creating complex plans like football plays to attack present and future goals.  An extremely rough example of how the plan looked click here [ not the original].
The Ultimate Plan
I had about 5-6 columns/rows on the back of a large calender: First row was banking: savings & checkings; the second row was the painting business; the thirds row was music business; the fourth row was music equipment/resourcesfifth row was investments, ex. Edward Jones; the sixth row was alliances/partners... Each row had like four options or directions.. ex. the first row [A] $1000 savings and $500 in checkings [B]$2000 in savings $1000 in checkings all the way down to [E] which would probably be $5,000 in savings and $3000 in checking
Now if I have [E] 5,000 in savings and $3000 in checkings,I could go in the second row, and do a let's say [C] option, which could say purchase a work truck or I could go to the sixth and invest it into a business venture with alliances/business partners or I could also mix  it up. 

I came into a few great options with painters for partnerships and I have the information supporting that option.

I was plotting hard and deep producing signs and symbols. I used my creative side in a business manner. I put my all into it.

Credit Cards 
March-2007'  Bank of America

I reached the weight desired which was 175 lbs even though people said it was impossible. It took 2 years but I reached it  

Opened Bank of America Checking acct
Opened Capital One Checking

Incorporation pappers: Shemariah Inc.; Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Taxation

I purchased: Reason Le 4.0

I painted all the way to the end of sept-oct 2007 . I experienced a lot of crazy situations. [1] The contractor felt we weren't putting enough effort into our work or we didn't do the job correctly speed-wise and or technically. People sometimes simply wouldn't show up, causing the contractors to come to the job yelling at people like kids in front of everybody: professionals and homeowners. It got old. A few times, I snapped or paced in circles, or left for a bit and returned, but soon I learned the way of the wiser. I told the contractor I needed to work by myself. I told him to separate me  from others in houses we were working in or put me on a job by myself so he could see my quanity and quality of work. He did and I was in heaven. We were basically independent sub-contractors anyway.
One time people stole equipment then left early while I was still in the house working. They waved bye all natural had their girlfriends with them and everything. They knew I would get the blame, and they denied what they did to the end. But the truth came out on the day of the polygraph test. I came to work with the cane, dress cloths.. and was going to use the opportunity to take pictures for my new cd album ;)! The culprits admitted their wrong, were called idiots and remained employed. I thought to myself, if it was my black ass, I would have been fired but no complaints, words or the likes came from me - I'm focused!  But I did grow tired of the environment. For years and I had worked at a extremely fast pace. Literally running on the job site. I was sick of walking on eggshells, but I had to do it, and I wouldn't change a thing. I knew I had to build a strong & solid foundation for the next phase and I did. I had enough tools and resources to make my transition into a respected business man.... 

The Ultimate Plan 
But the worst thing in the world happened ' The Causes and Effect of the 2008 Financial Crisis ' 

The 2007-08' financial crisis hit like a thief in the night. I did construction work. Construction workers felt the 2008 financial crisis first. We are the frontline. No more houses were being built. I overheard a lot of crazy stories, that  hinted something crazy  was about to happen with the economy. Somebody, a higher up, commited suicide.  I was reassigned to jobs out of the city and commercial jobs because of the lack of residential work. The last day I worked for the company, the person I worked for called me after the day was over and said something like ' I got to let you go because somebody said you were talking about me '. I didn't even challenge it. I was over it. I had enough. People stole equipment on the job, and they still had their jobs. He just called them idiots and kept them.  If it was my black ass, I would have been fired, minimum.. I had enough. But all in all, I believe the economy played a serious role in his decision.

I was ready to leave.. so I left between sep-oct 2007 and I decided to put the ' Businessman, Bandit or Bum ' project down.

- I had close to $80-$100,000 in credit and all of it was available
- at least 750 credit score
- about $1,000 in bank
- I had Pro Tools le Mbox2
- I had  the Triton Korg Le
- I had Reason Le
- I had a decent microphone CAD GXL 2200 and quickly replaced it with  Studio Projects B3
- Behringer Amp/Furman Power Conditioner stands and accessories
- ASCAP Papper work arrive in Oct-2007
- Incoporated
- Retail Sales slips
- Plus

* The Ultimate Plan  was to record a cd with the loan or the credit cards and promote itthe cdmy production  services, and beats/music and ect, at the talent show held at The Alexander/Anderson Family Reunion. After the event I then would connect with A-likes at the reunion and expand from there. Either through them or their associates or both. Then after a solid bond has been produced personally and professionally: a couple of projects have been completed, with blood and their associates I would return with fam and associates to the indivduals and associations I delt with in the past or ones I have came in contact with during the creation of the ' Businessman Bum or Bandit ', then expand further . 

Between sept-oct 07 I start the project
I had the funds, the equipment.. and music. In 2004, I paid $75.00 an hour recording with Pro Tools; it is now 2008'.  I have Pro Tools now.  I make music and other services like write, I'm an artist and other things. Imagine what I could charge. The only problem was I didn't know how to use Pro Tools, but what I decided to do was upload the music from the Triton into the Pro Tools, and lay my vocals, then hire someone to mix the music with their Pro Tools for me, that way I could save money and learn something at the same time. I wanted to get a little work with the Protool software to experience it myself then watch them mix it while asking question so next time I could co-mix, pre-mix. Below is a video of my set in 2007. The camera, camera lens, Yamaha Pocketrak CX, printer.... I got them later. Video of  receipts for the amp I purchased for project.

Approximately 3 months prior to me leaving the paint company I worked, between sept- oct 07 [making it around june], I bumped into Eric Moore who did graphic designs for Locco Streetwear - a locally respected clothing company [00']; and Frequency Magazine - another respected entity [99'], while I was purchasing food from a local fish market, window shopping. I bumped into Eric's business, Martian Lab Media. I wasn't surprised, but I was glad to see him doing his thing. Everything looked very professional artistic inside and out. He was doing well. We spoke and in a week or so I paid him up front for graphical design work.

Above explains the beginning of my project art design: 
graphics and technical services
. . .

Shemariah Inc. Reciepts for Tax Purposes 
2006-2009' P-I

Shemariah Inc. Reciepts for Tax Purposes
2006-2009' P-II

Shemariah Inc Papperwork

Behringer Amp; Microphones: CAD GXL2200
Studio Projects..

Tax Papers for 2005-2009; Shemariah 
Incorporated Papers; Triton Le Book

Again.....I was extremely ready to leave the job so I left between sep and oct 2007', and I decided to put the ' Businessman, Bandit or Bum ' project down.

- I had close to $80-$100,000 in credit and all of it was available
- at least 750 credit score
- about $1,000 in bank
- I had Pro Tools le Mbox2
- I had  the Triton Korg le
- I had Reason
- I had a decent microphone CAD GXL 2200 but quickly replaced it with  Studio Projects B3
- Behringer Amp/Furman Power Conditioner stands and accessories
ASCAP Papper work arrive in Oct-2007

And if you watch the video you will see incorporation papersstate issued retail tax sales slips, up-to-date technology computers: Dell Inspiron and Mac OS X Tiger, storage unit receiptsThe artistry is complemented with material, realistic elements acquire through hard work and extreme discipline - showed and proved.  

The question is why was I stock piling?
Because I needed chessboard pieces for my plan. The plan was to get the resources needed to build a project: first a cd: ' Businessman, Bum, or Bandit ', then go to the ' Alexander Anderson Family Reunion ' where I will get answers: on my father whom I never seen or spoke to since I was 8 years old and meet family, perform at the family talent show, and from there I was going to build the national connections needed before I associate in any group ventures, because I felt it was the best direction for me professionally. Strength is in good numbers. People play you for your weaknesses and that is cool. Because of that fact, I'm going to do things the same way everyone else is doing things - strategically. I'm not going to play people for their weakness, but I will play not refuse to be the fool. Locally, I was sick of ' back pats ', pay me! I was interested in seeing superior results, and to get that I needed superiors in my circle whether domestic or foreign. In 1998-00' I was introduced to a couple of family members on my father's side through phone [ I wasn't raised with faily on my mother's side ]. One of them, Terry  [ who was writing a book on the family ] and she told me I was possibly related to people in the music industry: JayZ, Puff, Chi Ali, Shyheim; 
film: actress/model Karen Alexander [ The sister that was killed at the beginning of the ' Bad Boyz I ' movie ]; sports: [ I think someone on the Seahawks, <football>]; Radio Djs [ in Philly ]; House of Representatives . She explained that there is 2 sides: Anderson and Alexander. She said the Alexanders were more loose: fighting at the family reunion in the hotel rooms] and ect, and the other side was into education or something like that. That's when, I decided to head in that direction at fool speed, with money. She kindly said ' don't expect anything from anyone '  celebrities or the likes, and I was cool with that, totally. I said ' me and my mother don't get along ' and she went on to say, ' the woman has been through a lot ' and from there I knew we wouldn't hit it off.  The conversation ended quick. I believe, We didn't speak again until 2014.. I spoke to someone that said come/go to Atlanta we can set you up with a job, and someone said that I could ride with them to the family reunion, I could stay in the hotel room with them. But I denied the offer because I didn't want to be introduced in that fashion - struggling. But I was still going in that direction. I recieved family reunion mail with my name on the envelope from then, all of the way to 2009' . I figured there had to be a whole lot of people/dreamers in the family trying to do their own ' independent ' thing like me. Those are the ones I was interested in meeting at the right time. So I focused on getting my thing straight.

I lost interest in being an industry artist way back... too much hating. I'm interested in being  a great entrepreneur, respected as a businessman, recognized for my talents, properly credited, and compensated for my ideas. Locally, I tried networking but nothing came from it, because it's all about power: resources/connections. So after efforts were exhausted between 1998-2000, I took things to the extreme.  For years, It was all work with no play literally. There may have been an occasional fling  [say 10 times between 1998 to now] but that was it. I slept on the floor for years, ate boloney sandwiches for lunch with a $10,000 credit limit, rode in hoopties to gather the resources needed to materialize my goals, I sacrificed
I structure a plan and made it happen. I told everybody what I was doing, for good reasons. It's family then associates, period. What's the problem? What's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing.  

I crossed the board like a checker, ' King Me '. God Blessed me with the ' will 'to acquire the resources. I desired to  push castles, knights, bishops, pawns... which I should've been automatically granted, due to the fact I'm from a very large family on both sides; authority over all of those things from the very beginning. But '  the Lord of All ' works in mysterious ways. He wanted me to experience certain people and things to heighten my awareness and my will. 
in 2007' I came out of seclusion and I started working my magic.. interacting with people I haven't seen in years, decades even.. No drinkies, smoking or playing while I was putting my music together. I had some issues with it music:beat[bass drum] wasn't deep enough; Pro tools [technology], editing, effects aux usage, audiosuite... ; Mac OS X Tiger issues; Mac OS X Tiger and Pro Tools Issue
*Chip introduced me to an engineer named Fern I paid him $30.00 just for his time. I was asking questions about Pro tools. It was my idea to pay. He didn't even ask but I felt time was money. I paid him even though he knew less than I did on Pro toool systems, at the time. I try to be fair.

I almost always paid people, and was the one to offer payment for their time and efforts, even if others I was only getting advice.

I felt 2008 was the best time to make my move. I figured I could finish something in a month or so. I was attending an ASCAP event [after I got the AsCAP Card] in 2007  at the Virginia Beach strip. It was in a hotel restaurant, about 10 groups performed, and I connected with a young engineer. We exchanged numbers, I called him because he said he was going to school to be an engineer. I asked him did he know a good engineer and he gave me Robbin King's number. I called Robbin and we set something up.  

This video is the summary:

Now lets go into my project which was my investment.

Businessman Bandit or Bum

Chapters: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8 l 9 l 10 l The End: New Beginnings

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